K.I. Sawyer Memorials

    This page is dedicated to the men and women who served at K.I. Sawyer AFB and have now passed on.

    The names listed here have been provided to the K.I. Sawyer Heritage Air Museum so their memory will be everlasting and they will be remembered for their contribution to the USAF, the units served, the servicemen they worked alongside and the nation they defended.

      We encourage all organizations that were active at K.I. Sawyer AFB to submit honorariums for fallen K.I. Sawyer alumni. Please use the Contact Page to send your information for inclusion.

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      56th Fighter Wing

      No listings at this time


      62nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron

      Col. Antonio Reyna, Died November 15, 2020
      62nd FIS Pilot. Also served in the 87th FIS

      Robert W. Zais, T/Sgt, died January 16, 2000
      62nd FIS Senior Maintenance Controller, 1966-1968 (69)

      Gary Ray Jerry, AF Retired Msgt., died December 8, 2008
      Served with both the 62nd and 87th FIS

      John A. Tessaro, AF Retired Msgt., died November 6, 2010
      Served with both the 62nd and 87th FIS.

      Ronald C. Carroll, AF Retired Msgt., died July 27, 2010.
      Served with both the 62nd and 87th FIS.

      Carl. D. Peterson, Maj. Gen. Ret. USAF
      1926 - Dec. 2010 Died at the age of 86
      Commander, 62nd FIS

      Ross Jones, 62nd FIS Flight Chief

      Karl W. Mauritho, 62nd FIS Administration, died 1999

      Anthony Skur Jr., Colonel, died in 2014
      62nd FIS. 1963-1969. Pilot of F-101B Voodoo


      87th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

      Kevin Canterberry Sr. - Ret. USAF Major, Pilot  62nd and 87th FIS, Died January 13, 2021

      James Steven Farnsworth - Retired 87th FIS, Died January 18, 2020

      Bill Hansader - Retired SMSgt.  87th FIS Pilot, Died May, 2020

      Cecil Snell - Retired Lt. Col.  87th FIS Pilot, Died April 20, 2020

      CMS James W. Whitlock - 87th FIS Duluth IAP

      C/Msgt David Seppa - 11th FIS/ 87th FIS Duluth IAP

      M/Sgt David E. Borndahl - 11th FIS/ 87th FIS Duluth IAP/ K I Sawyer AFB

      Sgt Robert Bailey - 11 FIS/87th FIS Duluth IAP/ K I Sawyer AFB

      Sgt Jerry Fields - 87th FIS K I Sawyer AFB

      Earl O'Melia, CIV. Tech. Rep. 87th FIS, A.G.E. & Eng. Shop

      Gary Ray Jerry - AF Retired Msgt., died December 8, 2008
      Served with both the 62nd and 87th FIS

      John A. Tessaro - AF Retired Msgt., died November 6, 2010.
      Served with both the 62nd and 87th FIS

      Ronald C. Carroll - AF Retired Msgt., died July 27, 2010.
      Served with both the 62nd and 87th FIS

      Msgt Dale Kamp

      Q.C. inspector Richard Avery

      Dick Tegge - 87th FIS Executive Officer, Structural Repair L/Col

      Fred ZuFall - died 04 - 2014

      SMSgt. James E. Baker - Died 11-18-99

      Billy G. Shaw - 7th FIS NCOIC Inspection, Also Det. 1 New Orleans 76 - 77, Died 08-30-2013


      644th Bombardment Squadron

      Edward “Ed” Mink Ret. USAF Major, Pilot  644th Bomb Sqd. | Died April 17, 2021

      TSgt. Lyn Tanner | Died February 2019

      Charlie Bergman Ret. Lt. Col  B-52 pilot | Died December 25, 2016


      410th Bomb Wing

      Wing Commander, Col. Judson Ruth | Died March 26, 2018

      Octavius M. DeRose, Jr., Sgt. Retired


      410th OMS

      MSgt. Andrew McAlpine | Died August, 2021

      John B. “Jack” Herman, USAF Ret. 410th OMS | Died May 12, 2021

      TSgt. Lyn Tanner | February 2019


      410th SPS

      Sgt. Glenn Rogers | Died 2016

      Tsgt. Joe Foremny

      Flt.Chief: Smsgt. Larry Patterson | Died 2007

      Flt. Chief. MSgt. Boyce Henley | Died 2014

      Commander Col. Paul Samulski

      MSgt. Larry C. Odom | Died December 12, 2019

      Bryan Tippett | Died 2003

      CMSgt. Jerry Witcher

      MSgt. Weydert

      TSgt. Ed Brunk | Died 2008

      Sgt. David Klemp

      Capt. James Wallace


      4042nd Strategic Wing

      Henry A. Kaiser, Lt. Col. Retired | Died 2017


      71st Flying Training Wing

      No listings at this time


      4646th Support Squadron

      Robert L. Binkley


      OSI Detachment 512

      Kenneth D. Parker | K I Sawyer. 1974--1978 | Died November 1, 1993.



      46th Air Refueling Squadron

      John B. Stevens, Ret. Lt. Col. USAF  Navigator

      Capt David Phelps
      Edward Meidlinger
      Meredith Anderson
      Paul Meines
      Robert Abernathy
      David McNeill
      Charles Augustine
      John Moore
      James Barrie
      Cameron Morrison
      Joseph Blaylock
      Richard Blood
      Jimmy Nelson
      Kirk Bowers
      Stanley Octaluk
      Robert Paterno
      Francis Brady
      Whitney Pertl
      Bertram Brunner (Squadron Commander)
      James Peters
      Scott Burkett
      James Pettingill
      Raymond Burri
      David Phelps
      Donald Corbin
      Mark Richards
      Robert Dalley
      Ronald Roach
      Richard Dankey
      Raul Rogers
      Oscar Duggan
      C. Hunter Smith (Squadron Commander)
      James Davis
      Florian Spiczka
      Samuel Dyke (Squadron Commander)
      Charles Trout
      Albert Evans
      Donald Fonke
      John Vizzini
      George Francis
      Phillip Wangness
      George Franz
      Roger Weeks
      Harry Funk
      William Weidlich
      Homer Gaouette
      Houser White
      Frank Gelsone
      Joseph Wish
      Frank Green
      Frederocl Wrinkle
      Charles Griffith
      Edward Palm (Squadron Commander)
      John Haken
      Scott Hardin
      Lanny Headley
      Wilson Howard (Squadron Commander)
      Robert Joyal
      Bruce Joyner
      Joseph Kent
      Jack Kuzanek
      Roy Lancaster
      Stanley Leake
      Richard Lee
      Charles Lingle
      Billy Lucas
      Kent Mead
      Wilfred Meibohm (Squadron Commander)
      MSgt. Mark Glubcznski | November 2017


      307th Air Refueling Squadron

      Lt. Col. John O. Irwin - Squadron Commander
      David Vickers
      Robert Llewellyn
      Kenneth Brackney
      Joseph Nellis


      2001st Communication Squadron

      Richard H. Vick. Ret SMS, USAF  Died May 7, 2021

      Mike Thelen - Died August 9, 2017

      The following 3 names are being posted at the request of one of their own. The 3 were killed working at their post while stationed at KI Sawyer AFB. In July, 1967 a Marine F-4C crashed on takeoff from KISAFB. These 3 airmen were in the RAPCON when the aircraft crashed in to it.

      Information provided by Marquette County Historical Society, Inc. & The Mining Journal

      TSgt. Rudolph Dziedzic - 36 | Goodman, WI
      A2C Ronald W. Singleton - 20 | Rockville, MD
      A2C David E. Purdy - 20 | Hastings, MI